Monday, 2 March 2020

Champion Bottled Beer of Norfolk 2020

Terra Firma, a strong Barley Wine brewed by the Snetterton based Elmtree Brewery, has been named the Champion Bottled Beer Of Norfolk 2020 by the local branches of The Campaign For Real Ale (CAMRA). 

The 7.8% beer, described by the judges as ‘Rich, well balanced and complex with a dark fruit base’ was given the accolade after a yearlong series of tastings by members of the local Taste Panel.

Panel chair Alan Edwards explained, “Real ale in a bottle is a way to explore the many traditional beers in the comfort of your own home.  The purpose of the competition is to promote awareness of this option and enable drinkers to seek out the quality beers available.”

Many of Norfolk’s 46 breweries produce Real Ale In A Bottle (RAIB).  All were invited to enter the competition.  Eleven breweries submitted 49 beers for judging by members of the Campaign.

Alan went on to add “The judges were very impressed by the quality and variety of the beers submitted.  We have some excellent breweries in the county and it is certainly worthwhile seeking out their beers.  With a plethora of styles and tastes there is a beer out there to suit everyone’s palate.”

The runner up was Lignum Vitae, a strong IPA type bitter brewed by the Grain Brewery from Alburgh.  This beer was described as ‘Solidly hoppy with a definite marmalade bias’.

Elmtree also claimed third place with their porter, Winter Solstice, brewed with added vanilla and cinnamon.

All the award winners:

Overall Champions
1st Terra Firma, Elmtree Brewery, Snetterton; Runner up Lignum Vitae, Grain Brewery, Alburgh; 3rd Winter Solstice, Elmtree Brewery

Mild, Brown Ale, Old Ale
1st Christmas Crack, Humpty Dumpty Brewery, Reedham; Runner up Chocolate Nutter, Why Not Brewery, Thorpe St Andrew

1st Branch Line Bitter, Humpty Dumpty Brewery; Runner up Red Panther, Panther Brewery

Strong Bitter
1st Lignum Vitae, Grain Brewery; Runner up Cheltenham Flyer, Humpty Dumpty Brewery

Golden Ale
1st Tom Cat, Fat Cat Brewery, Norwich; Runner up American Pale Ale, Panther Brewery

Barley Wine
1st Terra Firma, Elmtree Brewery

1st Coffee Cream Stout, Fat Cat Brewery

1st Humpty Dumpty Porter, Humpty Dumpty Brewery; Runner up Prasto's Porter, Boudicca Brewery, West Barsham

1st Winter Solstice, Elmtree Brewery; Runner up Weizen, Grain Brewery

1st Empire Slate, Grain Brewery