Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Banham Barrel is East Anglian Cider Pub of the Year

The Barrel, in Banham, has won CAMRA's East Anglian Cider Pub of The Year 2009.

This is not the first time it has taken this honour.The Barrel was opened by Jonty Wright and Wendy Foster over four years ago, and they have supported real cider right from the start.

Jonty serves two of his own ciders (Early Night and Rum Ol' Night), as well as ciders from another local cider maker Robbie Crone. Both of Jonty's ciders are made with apples from two local orchards, and both are easy drinking, with the Rum Ol' Night being matured in a rum cask.

They can be found at several local and national CAMRA Beer and Cider festivals. There is plenty of music and other events held at the pub.

Jonty said: "Wendy and I are delighted that this award has returned to Banham, as Banham is the historic home of East Anglia Cider. This we also hope shows that a traditional family run pub is still valued in the community."

Chris Rouse, CAMRA’s Regional Cider Co-ordinator for East Anglia said: "The Barrel is a fantastic and fascinating pub, it's great to spend some time guessing what the various bits of old cider making and farm equipment are for."

Pubs throughout East Anglia that sell real cider or perry were nominated by CAMRA members to be entered into its national Cider Pub of The Year competition, the first round of which is the Regional Cider Pub of The Year competition.

Visit Banham Barrel's website.